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About Nenami CiShuyona BY TAFIRU

Nenami CiShuyona (Ci主要な ) is an English/Japanese Humanloid UTAUloid (She's now an official UTAUloid!) created by TAFIRU.
Her name is made up of different words: Nenami is made up of "Ne" (sound) and "Nami" (Wave), so her first name means "Sound Wave".
"Ci" (pronounced like "sea") is wordplay on the letter "C", and "Shuyona" means "Major".
So, her last name means "C-Major".
Her MMD (MikuMikuDance) model is not yet finished, so the only picture available of her is concept art shown to the right.
  • GENDER: Female
  • AGE: 34 (thirty-four)
  • CHIMERA AGE: 17 (seventeen)
  • ITEM: Kiwi
  • COLOR SCHEME: Dark green and black
  • CATCH PHRASE: "私は家の猫じゃない!" ("I'm not a house cat!")
  • RACE: Chimera
  • TYPE OF CHIMERA: Half-Lynx
  • HAIR-STYLE: Long, wavy hair and straight bangs.
  • HAIR COLOR: Blonde
  • EYE COLOR: green
  • HEADGEAR: Black lynx-ears
  • HEADSET: black with green highlights
  • UPPER BODY: A green military-coat with a black arm band and a black choker
  • LOWER BODY: A green pleated, frilled skirt with black lining and a black leg garter
  • SHOES: green military boots
  • HEIGHT: 5'4"
  • WEIGHT: 134 lb.
  • GENRE: Usually melancholic music, but sometimes pop.
  • LIKES: Kiwis, Playing Games, Reading, KAITO (Crypton Vocaloid).
  • DISLIKES: Swimming, having a prank pulled on her, MEIKO, having her Chimera-Form mistaken for/called a "house cat"
  • BIRTH DATE: March 15th (3/15)
  • RELATIVES: Kai Shion (son), Nenamio (Gender-bend/brother)
Nenami is shy most of the time, but lets her hyper side out when around close friends.
Her husband or, "Partner-in-crime" as Nenami says, is Kaito Shion.
She enjoys listening to soft music while curled up on her pink sofa with Kaito and her son, Kai.
Her best friend in the whole world is also her sister, Kerushi (Kerushi is a Humanloid that is not owned by TAFIRU.)
Her "Kiwi-Craze" makes it hard for her to eat anything but Kiwis all day long.
Her favorite song is "Cantarella".
Despite her tough-girl appearance due to her military-like outfit, she's a realitively quiet person who dislikes the thought of war or fighting.
"Can't we just settle our problems over a game of chess and a nice cup of coffee instead of shooting each other to the death?" -Nenami
In a way, she has three personalities: Shy, Hyper and Yandere.
Her Yandere side only comes out to protect Kaito from the screaming fangirls.
"Do you know how hard it is to be married to you, the ice-cream obsessed guy who wears a scarf?" -Nenami, talking to Kaito after fighting off fangirls.
She dislikes Meiko because of how much of a brat Meiko is to her, though she never shows her dislike for fear of being rude.
Her Ex-Boyfriend is Len Kagamine.
Nenami loathes Len, and doesn't hesitate to show it, not caring if she's rude or not.
Though she normally likes soft and/or Victorian songs (example: Cantarella, Paradichlorobenzene, Kokoro), she does have a taste for disturbing/creepy songs.
Her favorite "creepy" song is "In A Rainy Town, Balloons Dance With Devils".
Her second favorite is "Wide Knowledge Of The Late, Madness".
She sometiems scares people or creeps them out when she makes creepy faces and says scary things (because she's had too much soda.)
All around, she is a interesting Vocaloid to hang out with.

Info On Kai Shion: (none)

TAFIRU will be posting songs sung by Nenami CiShuyona soon.

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